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Here at Pines Translations we offer translation services into and from Japanese and English.
Have you been frustrated in the past by translations that don’t come out quite right?
Well worry no longer, each and every translation is worked through by the husband and wife team at Pines Translations.
David Hilston is a native of Central Florida who now lives in Wakayama, Japan. And his wife Kana Matsuda, who hails from Wakayama, returned there after earning a Master’s Degree in Linguistics from Sussex University, and a 10-year stint working for international translation firms in Tokyo and Kyoto.

For details please contact us through our contact form.

Examples of our translation work

Our other translations include things like manuals, academic essays, and restaurant menus.
We pride ourselves in making sure our translations are both easy to read and exacting in their details. One misplaced word or mistranslated phrase can cause untold confusion.
Don’t settle for less and don’t let the language barrier stand in your way. Contact us so that we may open new doors for you today.

Pricing (10 % sales tax included)

Translation Price
English to Japanese translations \22 per word
Japanese to English translations \22 per character

*For small translations, we charge a minimum of \3,300
*Prices are listed in Japanese yen. However, customers paying in other currencies like USD will be charged according to current exchange rates for those currencies.

Please contact us by using the contact form on our website.